7 Presentation Format Ideas

To deliver a truly memorable experience, it is important to involve participants and make them part of your session. Try one of these 7 interactive presentation ideas to wow and engage your audience.


Interactive Speaker Presentation

Present content in a span of 30 minutes, with the remaining 30 minutes focusing on an interactive discussion with the audience.



Facilitate a 60-minute session consisting of 2 panels with opposing perspectives, focusing on a thought-provoking topic.


Multi-campus Viewpoint Panel

Create a panel consisting of individuals from multiple campuses who engage in a conversation revolving around current challenges, solutions and lessons learned.



Present a specific topic to the group for discussion. Each participate is given the opportunity to participate and provide their comments.



Deliver a simple ‘conversation-like’ presentation consisting of 20 image slides, with 20 seconds per slide. The slides that you present will transition automatically, and the entire presentation will be less than six minutes. Note that the PechaKucha format will be done over the lunch hours and allow 4 minutes of discussion after each presentation.


Birds of a Feather

Coordinate with groups of participants who have similar interests or areas of expertise to discuss topics without a pre-planned agenda.


Speaker Presentation

Present on a topic of your choice for 45 minutes, allowing 15 minutes for a Q&A at the end.