Managing Risk in the New Paradigm

Last Spring, colleges and universities were forced to make the immediate shift to virtual learning and telework in response to the pandemic. In addition to that critical pivot, higher education IT teams also began a shift in their management/operations policies and revenue plans to keep up with the growing threats associated with a fully remote learning environment.

The shift is more than simply enabling and securing online learning and telework. It also requires training faculty and administrators how to best manage their virtual environments securely, providing adequate investment for technologies that can thwart cyber criminals, and implementing plans to get through and beyond the pandemic.

  • What the "new normal" might look like for higher education and what you should consider as you move forward
  • How the sudden shift to virtual learning has created more insider risks along with expanding the attack surface for cyber criminals
  • Best practices for implementing a virtual learning environment



Renee Tarun

Deputy CISO | Fortinet

Renee is Deputy CISO at Fortinet. She is focused on enterprise security, compliance and governance, and product security. She is also a contributor to the book, The Digital Big Bang.

She joined Fortinet as the Vice President, Information Security in early 2017. She served as Special Assistant to the Director, National Security Agency (NSA), for Cyber and Director of NSA’s Cyber Task Force, where she advanced NSA’s execution of its cybersecurity and cyber-related missions; defining and integrating mission capabilities; and shaping agency strategy and national level policy.

Chris Boland

Senior Presales Systems Engineer | Fortinet

Chris joined Fortinet in 2018 as the dedicated Presales Systems Engineer for K-12 and Post-Secondary education in Central Canada. With 2021 marking 15 years in the field, Chris brings a diverse skillset including architecture, deployment and troubleshooting technologies in environments ranging from small Managed Service Provider through to Enterprise-class, multi-tenant data centres. A proud Newfoundlander, Chris is enthusiastic about all things technology, be it a FortiGate, Linux or Arduino.


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