A National Defense System Against Invisible Adversaries

Thousands of years of geopolitical conflict have informed how nations guard citizens from foreign and domestic adversaries. At global, national, regional, and local levels, defense and response systems have been established and refined throughout history. But today’s biggest threats are from invisible adversaries and bad actors disguised as trusted contacts. Given the relentless pace and complexity of cyber threats facing the research and education sector alone, the challenge to secure our systems, our data, and ourselves is one that needs all hands on deck. It calls on us all to act by working collectively to secure our own and each other’s defenses, to build infrastructure with a security-first lens, and to admit when we’ve been struck so that our peers can help us while learning how to better secure themselves.

In this session, CANARIE’s CEO, Jim Ghadbane, will explore the current state of cybersecurity in research and education, and discuss the sector’s unique opportunities to mobilize and build a new, sustainable defense system.



Jim Ghadbane

President & CEO | CANARIE

Jim Ghadbane was appointed President and CEO of CANARIE in 2013, after joining the organization as Chief Technology Officer in 2010. Jim’s leadership, technical expertise, and focus on stakeholder needs support an increased impact and relevance of CANARIE programs and services in Canada’s public and private sectors.

Nationally, Jim works to strengthen the governance, collaborative operation, and evolution of Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). Internationally, Jim works with global colleagues on the NREN CEO Forum to guide the evolution of the global research and education network. 

Prior to joining CANARIE, Jim held a variety of executive positions at leading ICT companies, including Bridgewater Systems (now part of Amdocs), Ceyba Corporation, Alcatel Corporation, and Newbridge Networks. Jim is a devoted mentor to many colleagues and an avid golfer.




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