Working Less to Accomplish More – Optimizing One’s Efforts in the Workplace

Time is a fickle thing in our modern world, there just never seems to be enough of it to go around. Work life is a constant battle with time, whether it be back-to-back Zoom meetings, rush/last minute projects or deadlines, or oh so many emails. With so many time leaks in our day, how are we ever supposed to get anything done? Sound familiar? You’re not alone. This past year, work in the field of Higher Education has easily been at its most frenzied pace of the past decade or two. If we are all experiencing this common problem, surely there has to be some common solutions to improve capacity of our teams (and ourselves). Sometimes, however, common problems require uncommon thinking to solve them.

In this new frenetic work environment, optimization of our efforts is essential just to stay on top of the work-at-hand, let alone increase capacity. Do you have really good time-saving ideas you’d like to share? Are you interested in hearing what others are doing to work more efficiently? Either way, this is the perfect session for you to attend. Using a couple of examples of professional-life hacks from the presenter’s professional journey to seed conversation, this 45-minute fireside chat aims to bring to light uncommon ways of solving capacity problems, and to explore and discuss the creative thinking behind them. Audience participation is welcomed, and encouraged, as we can all afford to learn from each other to better meet the capacity demands of tomorrow.



Jamie Stockdale

Production Manager | UBC Sauder 

Jamie Stockdale is the Production Manager, Academic Media Support, for the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. He is variously involved in direct support of faculty where teaching and learning interface with technology. He is responsible for ensuring that technology aids, but is not the focus of, the classroom environment for the school’s undergrad, graduate, and professional programs. He is heavily involved in media production for the flipped classroom, and also for live event recordings and broadcasts. He has been involved in video creation for curriculum redesign projects for programs both on UBC campus and offsite, including a 6-course MOOC in EdX with 300 unique media objects and 500,000 total participants. More recently, during the COVID pandemic, Jamie has been instrumental in setting up and managing Sauder's 6 broadcast studios, which have been used to deliver online classes to students of the business school. In his spare time, Jamie plays football (with his feet), and races dragon boats competitively in the waters of Vancouver’s False Creek.


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Date and Time

April 29, 2:00 PM